Big Lake’s Best Bumper Repair

Like the best things in life, you only truly realize the value of your vehicle’s bumper when it needs repairing. In a collision or crash of any type it is your bumper that will often take most of the damage. The absorbing nature of your vehicle’s bumper means that it often protects your vehicle from further damage. In essence, it takes one for the team!

At Valley Auto Body auto collision repair is all we know. Our garage is designed to be the perfect environment to get your Big Lake vehicle back up and running in no time at all. Given our immense expertise and unrivalled approach to customer care, our number one priority is you. We value our customers and work hard every day to repay their loyalty with the best service possible. This is particularly true of our bumper repair service. There is no job too big for our team of repair technicians, so if you’ve been involved in an accident and need a bumper repaired then there’s only one number to call.

Why Is My Car’s Bumper So Important?

Despite the responsible nature of drivers in Big Lake, the fact of the matter is that low-speed, non-fatal collisions happen regularly everyday in our city. The reason for these collisions can vary from driver negligence to treacherous road conditions. The bottom line is that they happen. Bumpers are designed to protect your vehicle in low-speed collisions. In doing so, the bumper can also greatly reduce any injury or pain that you or your loved ones experience. However, the difference between having a fully-functional bumper operating at peak performance versus one that has been involved in one too many fender benders and not adequately repaired is huge. A faulty bumper might seem less serious than a rusty engine or low oil tank, but the reality is quite the opposite. Damage to your vehicle’s bumper not only puts you at risk of more serious injury should a further collision occur, it also heightens the potential damage that such a collision could have on your vehicle. Without the safety net of a bumper operating at optimal capacity, your car or larger vehicle is far more susceptible to serious disrepair. Don’t take a chance with a faulty bumper, call Valley Auto Body today.

What Are Bumpers Made Of?

The composition of bumpers can vary depending on the shape, size and make of your vehicle. That being said, a number of common components are featured in all bumper types.

Firstly, most bumpers nowadays consist of a plastic cover with a reinforcement bar made of steel, aluminum, fiberglass and some additional plastic.

Bumpers should also always contain some absorbing qualities. This is necessary to absorb the energy that often accompanies low-level crashes. This can take the form of polypropylene foam or plastic honeycomb. In the most efficient bumpers, there will always be space between the reinforcement bar and the sheet metal it is protecting.