Palmer’s Leading Auto Paint Service

If the engine is what powers your Palmer car then your auto paint is what brings it to life. The vibrant and striking colors of a well-applied auto paint job can make a good car into a great one. Whether it’s a vibrant red for a classic custom car remodel or a sleek black sheen for your trusted truck, there is no doubt that a good paint job separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. However, if a new and fresh paint job can make your car look a million dollars then unfortunately the opposite is also the case. Whether it’s because of the harsh winters that many vehicles in Palmer are exposed to, a collision, or simply due to every day wear and tear your car’s auto paint can deteriorate over time. That is where we come in.

At Valley Auto Body our skilled team of expert auto paint technicians possess all the experience and knowledge to make even the most worn-out car look as good as new in no time. We have decades of combined experience in enhancing the auto paint work for Palmer motorists and know what it takes to get the job done in a quick and affordable manner. Don’t take chances with inferior garages call the experts you can trust today.

Three Common Causes of Auto Paint Damage

Chips, scratches or scrapes to your car can be a real pain. Not only do they take the gloss off your vehicle but they can also lead to more serious rust-related issues if left untreated. At Valley Auto Body we have repaired thousands of Palmer cars over the years so we have seen it all. Three of the most common causes of auto paint damage include:

Temperature Fluctuations:

Anyone who has lived in Palmer for more than a year can attest to the fact that we have some pretty unpredictable weather. While the sharp contrast of seasons may be great for weekend getaways, it is extremely detrimental to your vehicle’s paint integrity. In brief, the changing temperatures cause the paint on your car to expand and contract to a point that it results in slight cracks appearing on your car’s exterior surface. If left untreated these cracks can become more serious and cause lasting damage.

Shoe Polish and Shaving Cream:

While this may seem like a strange cause of paint damage, but it is included in this list for good reason. As anyone who has attended a wedding or going away party, or has spent time in a college dorm know that there are people who think that leaving messages with shaving cream on a car is a fun idea. The problem is that these substances dry onto the car’s paint and then they become extremely difficult to remove. So maybe leave the polish for the shoes and the foam for the bathroom!


Parking your car near a construction site is a sure way of damaging your car’s auto paint work. Not only is dust an issue in such areas but if wet concrete sticks to the vehicle’s exterior, it can be extremely hard to remove.